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Brenda Pasono sent me a review of the "Ultimate Four" held recently. Kyoko and Jason competed in this ISU-sanctioned pro-am competition. They skated their Kodo short program, with a slight mistake and received poor marks. They also had a slight miskate in the long program. They finished 4th among four competitors.
It is good to see that Kyoko and Jason are back on the ice.


Kyoko and Jason unfortunately had to withdraw from Worlds due to an injury. Jason fractured a bone above his right eye after Kyoko's arm hit him during a triple twist. He was examined and released from the local hospital, but want to avoid further injury. Hopefully Jason will have an easy recovery and the pair will be back in top form soon.


Kyoko and Jason after the medal ceremony at the 1998 U.S. National Championships. Photo by me.

1997-1998 Musical Selections

Short Program: Kodo (Japanese Drums), same as last year (change was made for Nationals).

Long Program :Polovetsian Dances by Borodin

On Jan. 7 Kyoko and Jason begin their quest for a spot on the 1998 U.S. Olympic Team. The word from Philadelphia is they are having productive practice sessions. See the Monday, January 5, 1998 "New York Times" sports section (page C2) for a nice article by Jere Longman.

I just returned from a fabulous week in Philadelphia, where I volunteered at Nationals. The week was capped off by Kyoko and Jason's suberb free skate that received six 5.9s and three 5.8s for technical merit and five 5.9s and four 5.8s for presentation.
I did not get to see their short program, since I was working at a different venue. They were pleased with the program and reports are that it was excellent. Kyoko and Jason had huge crowd support all week long. Their free skate included SBS triple toe and SBS double axels, huge triple twists, throw triple salchow, throw triple loop and many difficult lifts.

Follow Kyoko and Jason to the Olympics INA AND DUNGJEN IN NAGANO


1998 Worlds will be held in Minneapolis, MN starting March 28. Kyoko and Jason are preparing for Worlds.
Visit Sandra Loosemore's World Links for the latest information on the Worlds. The Pairs short program is scheduled for March 31.

Competitions Prior to Nationals

Kyoko and Jason added points to the Ladies team at the Nice'n Easy Skating Classic on Oct. 4 and Oct. 5. Unfortunately the Ladies/Pairs team lost to the Mens/Dance team.


Kyoko and Jason began the competion season with Skate America. The Pairs Short Program was Thursday October 23 in the evening. The Pairs Free Skate was Saturday October 25 in the afternoon.
Results are available on the USFSA Official Skate America page.


Nov. 13-17
Paris, France Kyoko and Jason finished a disappointing 6th. Jason was sick during the event.
Pictures from Skate America

Please visit Amy Rork's Skate America Page This page is the source of these pictures and has more Skate America and skating related items.

Check out the new USFSA calender. After last year of not even being in the calender, Kyoko and Jason have two pages in this year's calender.

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